Collection: Faja Postparto

After giving birth, your body undergoes changes that can make you feel uncomfortable and insecure. You may experience saggy skin, loose muscles, and bulges that seem impossible to hide. This is where FAJAS FAJA's Postparto Collection comes in handy.

Our high-quality and comfortable Postparto shapewear helps you fully recover your pre-pregnancy shape, feel more confident, and enjoy motherhood.
Our Postparto collection contains various products that appeal to various requirements and tastes. We have what you need: a basic waist trainer or a full-body suit. Without sacrificing ease, our shapewear is made to support, compress, and shape your abdomen, waist, hips, and thighs.

Fajas Faja's Postparto shapewear is made with premium soft, stretchy, breathable materials. The garments are designed to be worn daily, providing the necessary support without sacrificing comfort. Each garment is designed to offer a customized fit to ensure maximum support and comfort.

In this collection, you can find everything from bodysuits to girdles to shorts and waist trainers. The clothes come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate women of all proportions. The assortment can be purchased in various hues to cater to various tastes.


Is Postparto shapewear safe?

Yes, Postparto shapewear is safe to wear if used correctly. Choosing a garment specifically designed for Postparto use and made with high-quality materials is essential.

How long should I wear Postparto shapewear?

The duration of Postparto shapewear use depends on your personal preferences and goals. However, we recommend wearing it for at least 6 to 8 weeks to allow your body to fully heal after giving birth.

Can Postparto shapewear help with diastasis recti?

Postparto shapewear can help with diastasis recti by gently compressing the abdominal muscles. However, choosing a specifically designed garment for this purpose is essential and consult with your doctor before using any Postparto shapewear.

Can Postparto shapewear aid in my weight loss?

Postparto shapewear can make you feel more at ease and confident during your Postparto journey, even though it is not a weight-loss answer. Support, compression, and shaping can motivate you to develop healthy routines, like working out and consuming well.